Termite Control Systems

In the state of Queensland it is compulsory that all new homes have a termite management system. Unfortunately this does not extend to the sale of homes that are not brand new.

Therefore the responsibility to protect your home/investment lies with you, so your property needs to have an ongoing termite control system. This will hopefully ensure your new property does not become a horrendous statistic. One in four homes are affected by termites!

There are a plenty of things you can do to discourage termite infestations, but regular inspections are still a major part of that.

There are a number of termite control options for home owners in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and we can offer you two of the best.

Chemical Termite Barriers

A chemical barrier can be installed to most properties and we believe it to be the best and most effective form of termite prevention. Our reasons for saying this is that the Termidor product we use is recognised as being the leader in the field and we have not experienced one single failure. We also offer a five year warranty for all termite barriers we install.

The average cost to install a barrier is $2,000 - $3,500.

The manufacturer states that the chemical may last up to eight years before it will need to be replenished. If you are interested in a chemical termite barrier system you can call us on 1300 367 780 or use our online form to book an inspection or installation. 

Termidor Termite Control System

Termite Baiting Systems

This system does not require the digging of a trench or the drilling of holes around a property. It simply requires the installation of approximately 24 small plastic bait stations around the perimeter of the property. As part of this system we carry out regular checks throughout the year of these stations. We will continue to bait them until we eradicate the colony of termites

The average cost is $2,400.00 for the installation which also includes regular monitoring of the stations through out the following twelve month period. There is no further cost to eradicate termites during this time

However there is an annual fee currently $880.00 which covers an annual pest & termite inspection of the property and the servicing of the stations, and if necessary the eradication of any termites from the stations for the next twelve month period.

However there is no replenishment cost with a termite baiting system.

Termidor vs Generics

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