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Pest & Termite Inspections

The visual timber pest inspection report will identify past and present termite activity and/or termite damage, and will include recommendations regarding conditions conducive to termite attack which may be present on the day of inspection.

If no current termite management system is present on the property we are able to provide you with an accurate quotation and various options available to you.

We use the tools as recommended by the Australian Standards namely the moisture metre and acoustic tapper to assist with the detection of live termites and/or termite damage.

We also have available the thermal imaging camera which can aid the inspector to detect larger termite infestations that may exist within a wall cavity.

We carry out our Brisbane termite inspections in accordance with the Australian standard AS 4349.3

Termite Control Brisbane

In Queensland, it's compulsory that all new homes have a termite management system, but unfortuantely not all homes come with this added protection. This means it is up to you to make sure your home is safe from termites.

The Termite Managers offer two of the best termite control systems:

  • Chemical Termite Barriers - we believe this to be the most effective form of termite prevention, and offer a 5 year warranty for all termite barriers we install.
  • Termite Baiting Systems - simply requires the installation of approximately 24 small plastic bait stations around the property perimeter.

Termite Treatment Brisbane

If you have found active termites at your home, do not disturb them. Instead, call us on 1300 367 780 and one of our technicians will be along to eradicate them. Our termite treatment is carried out by treating the hive with Termidor Foam which allows the transfer of chemicals to other termites and thereby destroys the colony. 

Further Investigation

The inspector may recommend a further investigation if he detects high moisture readings within the property. High moisture readings are often detected in the wet areas of the property, like the shower and laundry walls however the external walls are another area where moisture is often detected.

However as termites are attracted by moisture we will often find active termites within the wall cavity. A further investigation is also recommended when we discover termite damage within a property and as we can not quantify the extent of this damage. It may be necessary to remove wall sheeting to fully determine the extent of the damage.

Permission is always required from the owner of the property before we can carry out a further investigation.

Building Inspections

We carry out our building inspections in accordance with the Australian standard AS 4349. The visual building inspection report will list any structural or significant defects as detected on the day of inspection.

The inspector will carry out a full external and internal inspection this includes the roof surface and roof void of the property*, paths, fences and retaining walls. The inspector will also check the sub floor of a property where applicable.

*subject to health and safety regulations

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