Ways to Control Termites

There are a number of ways in which Termite Managers will control termites. Termites are determined and there are plenty of ways that they may find their way into your home, which is why we need to prevent, control and repel them in a variety of ways.

You can click through on each of the different termite control methods below to learn more about them.

Physical Barriers - rely on the physical resistance of the material to resist termite attacks. They are usually installed during construction but can also be retro-fitted to existing homes.

Chemical Barriers - Placing chemicals, usually pesticides, around the house, in the foundations and under concrete slabs, to basically work like physical barriers.

Remedial Treatment - Undertaken when an infestation in a house has been found. It can take the form of barrier treatments, dusts and baits.

Termite Pest Management and Control

Approved methods of preventative termite control are covered by Australian Standard AS 3660.1 (2000). Remedial termite control is covered by AS 3660.2 (2000). More information is available from Australian Standards, and can be purchased from their website.

It is important to remember that house construction is variable. Consider:

  • the type of construction (slab on ground, suspended floors, pole etc)
  • the materials used
  • soil types
  • slopes
  • size of house
  • size of block
  • year of construction.